China visit 2015

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eb4ca57c-4a08-44ef-8e06-2a243b06cdfeIn the scope of the module “Computer Science Project” we, a group of German students with their professor Dr. Falkenberg and some representatives of the Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences, travelled to our Partner University, the Henan Normal University, in Xinxiang, China. This year in April the chinese students visited Germany to talk about and to plan the extension of the collaboration platform. We also started taking care of some tasks and finalizing them.

12140859_1199331996749494_3976417333454859196_oBefore we reached Xinxiang we spent some days in Shanghai, one of China’s largest commercial capital and one of the largest cities in the world. On the arrival day we came to know the local cuisine in a chinese restaurant. Typical for China there are different dishes which are served for everybody. Usually they are placed on a rotatable board on the table, so that everybody can eat each dish. After having dinner we explored the city and saw the Shanghai theatre and the Shanghai “bund”. The bund is a historical promenade alongside the river Huangpu. From the promenade you have a good view to the Shanghai Oriental Pearl Radio & TV Tower as well to the Shanghai World Financial Center. When it is night the buildings are illuminated in different colors. Shanghai is named as Financial- and Trade Capital, a gate that links China with the world and the world with China. We also went to Shanghai’s well-known shopping street Nanjing.

11050240_1199332520082775_8731692319478753832_oThe second day in Shanghai started with the visit of Yuyuan Garden, the most famous traditional chinese garden in Shanghai. This garden has a total area of 50 000 sqm and dates back to the Ming-Dynasty of the 16th century. In Pudong we visited the 468 m high Shanghai Oriental Pearl Radio & TV Tower. It has three spheres. The highest is in 350 m and it is called “space module”. We went to the second sphere which is on 267 m height. Furthermore we went to Xitang, a typical south-china village, kind of a water town which is crisscrossed by several rivers, bridges, alleys and colonnades. Alongside these colonnades there are numerous antique shops, residences and temples.

Finally we took the train from Shanghai to Zhengzhou, the Capital of the province Henan, and afterwards went to Xinxiang by bus. At the Henan Normal University we had a chinese culture and language course in the morning. In the afternoon our workshop with the chinese students took place. There were three project groups and each consisted of chinese and german students. While one group was busy with uniting the Corporate Design guidelines of both universities in one draft, another group developed a possibility to upload videos on the platform and to publish them. The third group dealt with the responsive webdesign for the website. All results were presented in a final presentation at the end of the whole workshop. Cultural exchanges were possible when we met for dinner or when we went out together with the chinese students. Furthermore we visited the Kangbaiwan Manor, a castle building of medieval architecture and climbed on the Taihang Mountain with its beautiful landscape.

Our last stop whilst visiting China was Beijing. For all of us who wanted to spend the remaining Yuan the Wangfujing shopping street was the best opportunity. Again we got some impressions of China’s culture when we went to the Great Wall and the forbidden City with the Gate of Heavenly Peace.

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