Collaboration Week in 2017 in Frankfurt

22. October 2017 | General | No Comments

As a part of the Collaboration between the Henan Normal University and the Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences, Professors and Students from china visited germany from the 30.04.2017 to the 09.05.2017. In this timeframe trips to Rüdesheim, Berlin and locations inside Frankufrt took place. But besides having a good time, certain project tasks had to be worked on. In a period of 4 days, we’ve worked productivly on 2 major projects, ”Wordpress Security” and ”Overview Plugin”. In addition to that, our chinese guests attended a german language course. In this article we talk about the first meeting with our chinese colleagues, the days we’ve worked on our projects and our farewell to our chinese friends.

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Häufig gestellte Fragen

5. August 2016 | General | No Comments

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speech-bubble-1426772_640Bei den Exkursionen mit deutschen Studenten nach China kommen häufig allgemeine Fragen dazu auf, was man denn bei einer Reise nach China zu beachten hat und was wichtig zu wissen ist. Dieser Post soll dabei helfen, die wichtigsten Fragen zu beantworten.

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China visit 2015

30. October 2015 | General | No Comments

eb4ca57c-4a08-44ef-8e06-2a243b06cdfeIn the scope of the module “Computer Science Project” we, a group of German students with their professor Dr. Falkenberg and some representatives of the Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences, travelled to our Partner University, the Henan Normal University, in Xinxiang, China. This year in April the chinese students visited Germany to talk about and to plan the extension of the collaboration platform. We also started taking care of some tasks and finalizing them. » Read more …

IT-Projekt – Zusammenarbeit zwischen HNU und FH FFM

31. May 2013 | General | No Comments

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Die FH FFM und die Henan Normal University (HNU) in Xinxiang, in der chinesischen Provinz Henan, verbindet eine jahrzehntelange Zusammenarbeit. Gemeinsame Projekte, bei denen Frankfurter Studierende verschiedener ingenieurwissenschaftlicher Studiengänge nach China reisten, fanden in der Vergangenheit alle zwei Jahre statt. Im April reisten erstmals acht chinesische Informatikstudierende zusammen mit HNU-Vertretern nach Frankfurt, um an einem gemeinsamen Informatikprojekt der beiden Hochschulen teilzunehmen. Im September soll es beim Gegenbesuch seinen erfolgreichen Abschluss finden.

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Chinese Guest Lecturer at Fachhochschule Frankfurt

1. April 2007 | General | No Comments

For half a year we had the Chinese guest lecturer Sun Quandang as a colleague in our FB 2. This is another page in the successful story of scientific and educational exchange with the Henan Normal University. This University is located near to the capital Zhengzhou of the province Henan and near to the famous Yellow River. Other colleagues of the Henan Normal University visited us in the past 15 years and exchanged knowledge in Physics or related areas or in Computer Science. Organising such a long stay needed many helping hands of the FB 2 and of our Academic Exchange Office, especially if the partner is coming from a country where visas are necessary.

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