Differences between the cultures

We are same, but different.. :)

Social etiquette

Social etiquette always plays an important role in the international relationship. Different countries have different cultures. So we will instruct some culture about China and Germany.

In China, when we greet our teachers, we may say hello to them and wave our hands. When we see our friends, we may say’ Have you eaten?’ or ‘Where will you go?’. In China, if your friends said’ If you have time, please visit me’ it just talks about it, but is not true. In China, there are many rules about seating, for example, host should have the seat which he or her face the front door, and the most important guest should sit at the right of the host. But if the identity of the most vital guest is higher than the host, the most vital guest should sit the host’s seat. At the end of meal, Chinese people will chat with others about everything some minutes. And if the host leave his or her seat, the guest should leave their seat.

Mostly Germans are on time when they have meeting. They do not like to wait or to be late. But at least it okay to be max 15min late.

When they say hello and goodbye it is usual to shake their hands and if it is someone close, they give hugs or kiss on cheek. As good manners is to keep a small talk and to hold the door open.

If people do not know each other, it is use the formal ‘Sie’ otherwise many people offer the informal ‘du’ although academic titles are a part of the name as ‘Dr. Prof’, ‘Grap’ etc.

In restaurant it is almost that strangers share a seat and table. But it is desired to ask if it is okay.


Many Chinese universities have fences and gates, it aims to separate schools and other areas. Every university has a lot of students. The Henan Normal University has more than 30,000 students. Chinese students’ learning ways are different from German students. Chinese students always like to follow their teacher’s step, only a few students learn by themselves. Chinese students follow their teacher’s ideas and thoughts and they are not good to establish their own ideas and thoughts put them into practice. But now the situation is improving.

There are many kinds of classrooms in school, a small one can accommodate dozens of people, a large one can accommodate more than two hundred people. Students can choose to live in student dormitory, provided by university,or you can look for an apartment near university by yourself. But most of students choose the cheaper student dormitory.

Chinese students only have time to relax at weekends and holidays.The relaxing ways are usually tourism, shopping,sports and so on.

In Germany, you can choose what you want to learn the courses in more than 14,500 kinds of courses.

If you find the courses what you want to learn, you have to learn this lesson the registration request and then wait for a reply.

If the answer is ‘Yes’, then you can go to the lecture hall to listen to a professor’s class. Lecture Hall can accommodate approximately 200 students. Classroom can accommodate about 30 people. Course Meeting Times is 8: 15-19: 15, with some breaks. You do not have to stay in school, you can learn anywhere, even at home.


The traffic in Germany and the traffic in china are very different.In Germany there use also a tram,which use like a bus.However,Most of Chinese people use in china a “electric cars”to be fast,because its to much traffic jam.

The streets in china are much bigger as in Germany,there are overall 8 cars on the road .4 cars forward and 4 cars back.

If the people cross the street in Germany,they push the “button” on the traffic lights to become faster green,but in china,the traffic lights have a fix time to become green.


Exercise is a good way of leisure. This paper describes China’s table tennis, martial arts, as well as the German football.

Table tennis is a popular ball sport in the world and it is also the national sport of People’s Republic of China. It originated in the United Kingdom. Early 20th century, Table tennis started in Europe and Asia. In 1926, the International Table Tennis Tournament is held in Berlin, Germany, the tournament is called the first World Table Tennis Championships. The most famous table tennis player is Deng Yaping.The rules of table tennis is that athletes stand opposite sides of the tables, The ball must bounce in the table to fight back over the net to fall on the other table is valid.

Martial arts is that it achieve the purpose of stopping the fighting by fighting. Traditional Chinese martial arts has a long traditional history,being considered the survival skills of the Chinese nation. At the moment, Wushu also is a high degree technology of self-protection to stop the invasion.Chinese martial arts is a symbol of culture and social backgrounds.Shaolin martial arts as a cultural phenomenon in China is knowed by chinese.It has become a precious legacy of Chinese culture.After the founding of People’s Republic of China, the wushu is listed as an official event. In 1953, it held the first National Wushu competition and then they held several national martial arts competition.

But sports are a part of society in Germany.Germans love sports.The top sports is soccer.The league is called bundesliga The team of Frankfurt is called “Eintracht Frankfort”,as eintracht,other teams have fanclubs too.There is a big fan culture .Next to soccer are handball,basketball,tennis,golf and skiing.widely popular.Almost every sports is represented in Germany.Many successful athletes are Germany and known worldwide,for example Frane Beckenbauer,Boris Becker,Dirk Nowiteki.


Both Chinese food and German food are delicious, but there are some differences between them.

Styles of cooking in the Han nationality are local dishes which decide for the weather, geography, history, products and the eating habits, formed by the history evolution of skills and flavor, and it’s recognized throughout the country.

In the Tang Dynasty, southern food and northern food are formed their own system. In the early of Qing Dynasty, the Lu, Huaiyang, Yue and Chuan are called ‘Four styles of cooking’. At the end of Qing Dynasty, Zhe, Min, Xiang and Hui are formed, and all of them will be called ‘Eight styles of cooking’.

Dumpling is the ancient Chinese traditional pasta, it had about 1800 years history. Most Chinese like to eat dumplings, and most of northern people will eat dumplings in Spring Festival. In the winter solstice festival, people also like eat dumplings too.

Sweet dumplings is one of the representatives of Chinese snacks,it’s made by glutinous flour and it shape is ball. It’s farci and always eat with the soul, it’s the most distinctive food in the Lantern Festival.

In Germany, Bread in different versions is maybe the main part of German food, you have brezel, whole bread, bread rolls.

German eat 3 times a day as Chinese too.

For breakfast, they eat bread with toppings(butter and marmelade), cheese and sausage, and a glass of juice and a warm drink,tea or coffee. Musli are very popular.

Around 12 p.m. and 2 p.m., Germans eat a warm meal, Most popular is the schnitzel and potato salad.

Dinner is eaten between 6 p.m. and 7 p.m..Usually it is a cold dish which is called Abendbrot.