Frankfurt sights and dining in China

With great excitement, I went to Frankfurt this year in May and I had an unforgettable experience there. Next, I will talk something about what I experienced there.

As one of Germany’s most important financial hubs, Frankfurt is also a deceptively compact mix of modernism and history. Firstly, divided into North and Sourth regions by the Main River, it is a modern city that knew how to preserve its former glory with the original architecture and layout. That’s why one of the most appealing place to begin your trip is from the old town center Altstadt. There I saw the top tourist sites include the Goethehaus or the Goethe Museum, the Gothic St.Bartholomeus’ Cathedral and its sweeping views over the city or Sachsenhausen which is Frankfurt’s preserved old quarter. Secondly, not in for the architecture or the city’s old charm, Franfurt is renowned for its shopping venues. The 2.9km long Berger Strasse is the longest shopping street in Frankfurt, and is one great place to check on, during the day. With lots of fast-food joints, trendy bars and search for those great German sausages, some live music or an ice cold pint of lager down your throat. And finally, what left me a great impression is the difference between dining in China and Frankfurt.

As far as I am concered, the main difference between Chinese and western eating habits is that unlike the West, where everyone has their own plate of food, in China, the dishes are placed on the table and everybody shares. Besides, Chinese people use chopsticks, and when you are dining in China, don’t stick your chopsticks upright in the rice bowl. Instead, lay them on your dish. Make sure the spout of the teapot is not facing anyone. It is impolite to set the teapot down where the spout is facing towards somebody. The spout should always be directed to where nobody is sitting, usually just outward from the table. Apart from these which is mentioned, there is also many manners about dining in China.

I am so glad to have a so interesting experience and I will never forget it.