Nightlife at Henan Normal University

With beautiful songs in the campus broadcast, busy and fulfilling the end of the course, the setting sun, street light lit up the night life of the stage.

Entered the main gate, the first thing you will see is a square. The rainbow fountain in the square will be open, with beautiful music, in the night when there major holiday. Rainbow fountain is located in the center of the square. It looks like a big flower. The colorful lights will constantly transformation, to illuminate the big waves. Many students here are chatting or singing. The members of Roller Skating Club often do some skating training and performance here. Occasionally, there will be a small concert.

Walk along the path toward the east plaza, you can pass by the arts building. Although the classes were over, some students are still studying in the classrooms. The end of the square is large library, at the moment, it has ended a busy day of work, and look at the people in the square in peace quietly.

The back of the library is a central garden. In the faint light, you will see the school motto stone. And there is a small dance floor .With beautiful music, someone students are dancing here. Of course, there are a lot of people on the side quietly enjoy.

Again in the future is the dining room. Behind it, there are some small supermarkets and fruit stands, which are very busy at this time. Cake shop and soda fountain are still open, some of the students in are drinking and eating. And there are many dormitory buildings behind the dining room. Although the campus is very lively, some students prefer to stay in their rooms. The boys are playing games, or do some exercise in the dormitory. Girls are watching movies, or chatting on the internet.

Behind the dormitory buildings, there is a playground. On the playground , some students are running, some are playing basketball, volleyball, tennis and badminton. Of course, there are pairs of lovers come out for a walk.

Let’s walk across the bridge to have a look.

Around the center of the east big flower-bed, often have a lot of people, a group of a group of to the dance rehearsal, here! Fuck even tai chi chuan. East the east end of the road, with few vehicles through, also widely favored. Boys and girls like roller skating, often practice some difficult moves here, very cool.

East new playground is also a good place, here the light of the good, there has been a lot of exercise. Football, of course, also people often party here, happy laughter came from time to time, let a person feel the joy of youth.

At half past eleven in the evening, the dormitory to be on the safe side, is about to lock the door when you leave. The students are coming back. Throughout the campus are gradually quiet down, and the occasional party’s voice in the dormitory.

At this time, the university is like a beautiful girl, in the bright moonlight, happily asleep.