Chinese students visit Frankfurt

1. June 2013 | Travel report | 1 Comment

As the saying goes: seeing is believing. Before our delegation starts our journey, each of us are comparatively excited and expectant. Certainly in Google I search a lot of information about Frankfurt, but, at the moment my feet really set foot on the European continent. Our mood became from the original surprise, tension, and even some fear, to calm, praise, even more expectation.

The first day when we arrived at the hotel, I appreciate the careful German school very much. They arranged the hotel beside the Main River.The Rhine Valley town gave me the most impressive sights. Beside the Rhine through the canyon, the ancient castles can be seen everywhere, beautiful scenery along the way. Many Germans come here for their holiday.

Germany is a country of wine. German beer and german wine in the world are renowned. So, if traveling to Germany, you must drink beer, wine and ice cream. Almost all the cream and chocolate there are pure tasting delicious and thus unforgettable. Also in Germany all of us became a totally beer lover especially after we tried many kinds of new flavors there, such as cola beer, cherry beer, maybe the wine can be mixed with every kind of juice.

Maybe for all of us students here, it is the first time to be abroad, so during this short period, we learned a lot about German culture, language and culture shock between different countries which not only gave us numerous memories but also told us we what we should do when facing differences . We can not forget the German we learned in our German language class. What an interesting language it is.

Finally, related to diet, I would like to say one thing, I’m not accustomed to the German food that potatoes are everywhere.

Frankfurt is a city with the typical European style. As far as I am concerned, the pace of life in Frankfurt is not fast, just like Xinxiang. If you have the opportunity to study abroad or exchange, Germany is a country that is worth going to traveling or study.

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20. September 2013

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