Collaboration Week in 2017 in Frankfurt

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As a part of the Collaboration between the Henan Normal University and the Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences, Professors and Students from china visited germany from the 30.04.2017 to the 09.05.2017. In this timeframe trips to Rüdesheim, Berlin and locations inside Frankufrt took place. But besides having a good time, certain project tasks had to be worked on. In a period of 4 days, we’ve worked productivly on 2 major projects, ”Wordpress Security” and ”Overview Plugin”. In addition to that, our chinese guests attended a german language course. In this article we talk about the first meeting with our chinese colleagues, the days we’ve worked on our projects and our farewell to our chinese friends.


Before the visit of our chinese colleagues we sat together and thought about how we could use the limited time we have in the upcoming week. So we build an Agenda for the next few days. Since the first meeting took place in the collaboration week, we knew almost nothing about our guests, which made the planning phase more complicated. Additionally we’ve collected possible activities, that we could do with our chinese colleagues, to ensure that they have a good time. We’ve also prepared the gifts for our guests.

Day 1, Tuesday 02.05.2017

On the 2nd of May, the first meeting between the Chinese collaboration partner and the German students took place. The German students had previously prepared the room to welcome the Chinese professors and students. We had a brief introduction to our Chinese colleagues after the Dean Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Prof Achim Morkramer, hearty welcomed the Chinese professors and students, followed by a passionate response from the Chinese professors. After that, we, the students, had a chance to introduce ourselves to our Chinese counterparts with a few sentences. Everyone was a little nervous. The professors exchanged welcoming gifts, which lifted the mood in the room and on both sides. The exchange of presents is an important gesture in China in order to establish a harmonic collaboration. After the German and Chinese professors took off, we had a second round of introduction with our guests in which we had prepares some guiding questions to spark conversations. The questions contained topics like taste in music, origin and sports, in which we found a lot of similarities. The Chinese students also had welcoming presents for us, just as we did, so we had another round of exchanging gifts. The Chinese students had beautiful hand fans for us, which had inprints of both the Henan Normal University and the Frankfurt University of Applied Science and flowers from Henan. We talked in our groups about the topic that we would tackle in the next few days, as well as our knowledge regarding the topic. We also created a WeChat group for our team which was of great use to communicate. The Chinese guests also received a map of Frankfurt along with a small guide on where to go, public transport map, German candy and other small presents.

Day 2, Tuesday 03.05.2017

At the beginning of the second meeting we enjoyed a lemon cake that one of the German students made. Since it’s not custom in China to eat while working, our guests where initially a little confused, but seemed to be happy about the gesture nonetheless. After this little snack, we went down to business and started with our topic: WordPress Security. We split our group to cover the subtopics Brute-Force-Protection, Password Policy, SQL Injection and the laws that govern privacy and data protection in both China and Germany.

Day 3, Tuesday 04.05.2017

At the beginning of the third meeting we discussed and reviewed our findings from the day before. We appointed team members to present the topics that we’d researched. In groups of two, -one Chinese and one German student-, we sat down and prepared our part for the presentation. Everyone was in a very productive mood and since everyone participated we were very successful in preparing the presentation while still having a lot of fun.

Day 4, Tuesday 05.05.2017

On the last day, the presentation of our results took place. Both groups had prepared their part on what they did in the workshops. Both groups were successful in doing that. Following the presentation, both the Chinese and German professors held short concluding speeches. We then took off to lunch at a local German restaurant called “Kanonensteppel” which serves traditional German food. We had a great time and enjoyed the food and drinks. We also planned what we wanted to do together the following day.

On the 9th of May we said good bye to our Chinese colleagues. As a little reminder, we gave everyone a small Bembel figure, that they can add to their key ring. We also ate some self-made chocolate muffins. To round it all up, we took a group photo together and went to the city to visit the shopping malls. We said good bye and thanked our guests for the good time we had working together and getting know the other culture. We are really excited to meet them again in China.

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