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The pomegranate
Pomegranate: Fengqiu pomegranate is one of the famous specialty of Henan Province, its cultivation has a long history, as early as in the Qing emperor Kangxi years, once as a tribute into.
Changyuan cuisine
Changyuan Cuisine: Changyuan cuisine, has a long history, began in the Tang Dynasty, the Ming and Qing Dynasties to the Northern Song Dynasty, reputation, known as “good cooking town”.
Apricot: Yuanyang apricot has a history of nearly 1000 years, known as the “apricot village” reputation.
Niu Zhongxi clay oven rolls
Niu Zhongxi clay oven rolls is a famous national clay oven rolls master Niu Zhongxi accumulated 60 years of experience created a unique style of food. In face, ingredients, processing, there are one’s own knack in furnace. The clay oven rolls a pastry, pastry layer, sweet not greasy mouth, winter stored for more than a month still crisp flavours. Henan Province in 1980 was designated as high-quality products, and in 1989 the Ministry of commerce system quality Golden Award
Celery: Fengqiu celery is a high quality celery with famed far and near, fresh crisp and no residue, Sauvignon, cooked food is delicious with, as the dining table food.
Hawthorn: Hawthorn planting in Huixian city began in the Qing emperor Kangxi years, is one of the five major producing areas.
The hunchback sauce
Xinxiang’s “hunchback” in the building, the jiangrou made bright color, spicy and delicious, fat and not greasy, cooked but not rotten. This is the famous, distinctive flavor hunchback meat. The hunchback meat production strict exquisite, healthy pigs about 65 kg, 20 hours after slaughter (according to seasonal changes in flexibility), take two meat neck to take hard meat 20 kg, will wash the meat cut into 12 cm wide,
Xinxiang roast Chiken
Xinxiang roast chiken by Huaxian Road Town into. Red-cooked chicken, Daokou style dating back plate has a history of over 200 years of civilization, is the flavor of food, into Xinxiang city also has more than 60 years. In 1965, state-owned food company began operating the roast chiken, self-produced roast chiken is referred to as the “Xinxiang red-cooked chicken, Daokou style”. 1966 officially renamed “Xinxiang roast chiken”, can be comparable with the red-cooked chicken, Daokou style, become one of the special local product of Xinxiang city. Xinxiang roast chiken.
The Yellow River carp
Xinxiang city is one of the main producing areas of China the Yellow River carp. Yuanyang, Fengqiu, Changyuan three county 67 kilometers along the Yellow river. Here the river width, flow slowly, food, water and fertilizer, is a good place to carp breeding habitat. At present, with an annual output of the Yellow River carp 5–8 million kilograms, but still far cannot satisfy the needs of the market. The Yellow River carp, Lei Chi, red fish, Longmen fish. The fish have two pairs of barbels,
Jin Yinhua (also known as Lonicera caprifolium flower, honeysuckle) is the national two kinds of precious medicinal herbs, flowers, buds, Ye Junneng. With heat clearing and detoxifying and eliminating heat pain. The honeysuckle belongs to Henan, Henan and the quality of Flos Lonicerae Yuanyang produced the best, the largest number, Yuanyang honeysuckle cultivation for hundreds of years of history. In 1983 is listed as the national production base in the county. “Yuanyang No.1″ high-quality flowers have been out of the country, far
Fried crisp chicked
Fried crisp chicked diet Service Corporation fist dish, in the city of Xinxiang famous, popular all over the customers favor, a product is fast. Making this dish need to use chicken a (about 750 grams), go to the hair, eliminate visceral, into the bowl, add salt, monosodium glutamate mix, marinate for two hour, add cinnamon, anise, onion, ginger, steamed steamed rotten, put the chicken picking, cool. The egg white and starch paste Jiaocheng
Luo embroidery is a traditional Luoyang Arts & Crafts, has a history of over 2000 years.
Fine embroidery, needle lively, beautiful patterns, elegant colors, good at embroidery cat. The full composition, vivid, lively, simple folk embroidery needle, “plan will be interested, Italy will be auspicious” argument, and common homophonic and symbolism. Evergreen: symbol of longevity, happy birthday to class. The pattern: the symbol of longevity, happy birthday to class. Kylin Songzi: Son of Italy, seek survival. Liu Shi Long melon vine play roll chart Hai Zi Feng alloy embroidered case — cicada ball: Yin and Yang intersection. A gentleman farmer: the loss of the delta table people fall, min hidden escape made between. -, – chicken wear peony: symbol of love. Mandarin –: white for head node rich with your heart;. The husband – wife — uh — love –; Ji hundred birds such as a means towards Long Xiang Feng Feng Xiang: pray for happiness, auspicious. Ganoderma lucidum pattern: moral ever-young. Flower pattern: a symbol of unity, and meaning. Hundred Subgraph: implies multiple blessings. Bat logo: blessing symbol.
Nanyang city due to the rich silk, more and more people therefore carpets, carpet carpet and carpet weaving into two categories. Handmade carpet divides Turkey buckle (the machine), Persian buckle (8 letter buckle) two. Nanyang City Department of handmade, according to the different materials into silk carpet (also known as tapestries, tapestry), silk and wool carpets and wool carpet three.
Silk carpet can be divided into mulberry silk, tussah silk two, respectively in mulberry, tussah silk as raw material, adopting the pattern making, mainly from Xichuan, Nanzhao, Zhenping; tussah silk carpet in Nanzhao.
Silk and wool blanket is the new products of Xichuan County in 1975 in the carpet industry in the original, it sets the Oriental carpet art and the Persian style as a whole, based on summarizing the pure silk carpet and carpet production, soil quality wool carpet yarn, silk flower, craft unique, pattern clearly, especially the flat scissors, flower, such as horizon convex relief, rich natural three-dimensional sense of strong, known as the Pearl carpet.
Nanyang carpet production pattern of more than 450 species, according to the composition, design, color has the following four kinds: Beijing type, art type, color type, plain old. Nanyang carpet variety, style unique, sophisticated materials, novel designs, tough texture, pattern clear, fine workmanship, excellent quality, favored by consumers at home and abroad.
Tri colored glazed pottery is the essence of the Tang Dynasty of China, has a history of over 1000 years. Tri colored glazed pottery is refers to the Tang Dynasty figurines and pottery glaze color terms. Tang Shiduo in the red, green, yellow, so called “tang”. Three color is known, is not limited to three colors. In addition to the red, green, yellow, and white, black, Lan Zi and other colors. The art treasures of Tang Dynasty, unearthed in Luoyang, it is “Luoyang Tang”.
The practice is the body good, installed in the kiln burning to 1100 degrees, remove the application of color, and then into the kiln burned to 900 degrees. The main components of the enamel is aluminum silicate. Coloring agent is different metal oxides.
The copy and imitation technology, in Luoyang has a history of one hundred years. Through the development of ancient artists, the “technology Luoyang Tang” and art level reached a certain height. At present, Luoyang pottery production factories, production to Luoyang pottery company as the best. The foreign and domestic tourists to Los sightseeing, all three products brought back as a memorial, national leaders visit abroad, in the “Tang” as gifts, Luoyang people also use the “Tang” as an important gift relatives and friends.