Wissenswertes über China

Leider ist der Eintrag nur auf Englisch und 中文 verfügbar.

Welcome to china! And I will tell you something that you need to know before your jet-lag. Jet-lag is really horrible to me. I’m Tony.

Firstly, I think there is large difference between Chinese and German transportation. Because traffic order is a little chaos in China. If you find someone go across the road which without the signal light or the traffic signal is forbidden the action, don’t be astonished and let them go. Because in recently years there is a phenomenon called “Chinese style of crossing road”, a term referring to the tendency of large crowds of people to cross roads in disobedience of red lights. But don’t worry about that too much in our city for the well-regulated traffic order.

The second thing is about tips. When you finished your lunch or dinner in restaurant, you needn’t to give a tip to waiter or waitress because of different culture in China. Maybe the waiter will be fired if boss get to know the event. I mean just maybe!

Thirdly is about eating habits. Chopsticks are really normal in China, so I guess that getting the skills of using chopsticks will be really interesting when you enjoy your Chinese food, though the cafeteria of hotel will offer forks and knifes. Maybe it’s an really impressive experience. At last, don’t forget to drink hot water or hot tea to protect your stomach, and trying to fall in love hot water will be better for you!

Ok! After your jet-lag, you can start your travel in my homeland!

Emergency numbers in China

Police 110
Fire fighters / rescue service 119