Chinese Guest Lecturer at Fachhochschule Frankfurt

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Leider ist der Eintrag nur auf Englisch verfügbar.

For half a year we had the Chinese guest lecturer Sun Quandang as a colleague in our FB 2. This is another page in the successful story of scientific and educational exchange with the Henan Normal University. This University is located near to the capital Zhengzhou of the province Henan and near to the famous Yellow River. Other colleagues of the Henan Normal University visited us in the past 15 years and exchanged knowledge in Physics or related areas or in Computer Science. Organising such a long stay needed many helping hands of the FB 2 and of our Academic Exchange Office, especially if the partner is coming from a country where visas are necessary.

Sun Quandang gave a lecture about the software Authoreware. The lecture was a “Wahlpflichtfach” and a considerable number of students passed the final examination. Our Chinese guest talked in English and the FB 2 appreciates that our students like to attend lectures of English speaking collegues.

Adobe Authorware was formerly known as Macromedia Authorware. In 2005 Adobe and Macromadia merged under the name of Adobe Systems. Authorware is one of the leading tools for creating e-learning applications. These applications can be targeted e.g. for CD, DVD or the Web. Interactive learning can be incorporated and graphics, animation, digital movies and sound can be integrated. The development of applications is supported by templates for computer based training (CBT), more sophisticated applications can be developed using JavaScript. The lecture of Sun Quandang was held in one of our computer laboratories, so that the students could immediately exercise the lecture items on the computer.

During his stay, Sun Quandang worked also on a comparison between German and Chinese standards of teaching; therefore he visited lectures of FB 2 colleagues. Further on he cooperated with Prof. Wagner on safety critical systems and he had many talks in Chinese language with Prof. Timm who is holding the lecture about Chinese culture and language at our University. Finally he prepared the Chinese-German-programming-exercises for students together with the author of this article. They took place in the winter term 07/08 in China and will be subject of another article.

Prof. Dr. Bernd Güsmann, Fachbereich 2

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