High-Integrity Systems (HIS) – Master Degree

The High-Integrity System program is a Master of Science degree program which is designated as a full-time study program. The duration will be 4 semesters.

High-Integrity systems are used for protecting humans, the environment, organisations and society and in case of failure they have a high impact on these. The High-Integrity systems are complex, software controlled systems and can be divided into two fields:

  • Safety Critical Systems (SCS): They directly influence human’s life and health and their environment. You can find them in all industrial areas, e. g. automotive, aerospace, railway and medical technology. As an example you can imagine an airplane whose engine stops while you are in the air. The airplane would crash immediately and therefore a malfunction of these systems endanger human life.
  • Mission or Business Critical Systems (MCS): These systems are essential to the functioning of an organisation. When a mission critical system (e. g. ERP- or CRM-system) fails or is interrupted, business operations are significantly impacted.

Perspectives with a HIS-Master degree

After completion of the HIS-Master program there will be a lot of possibilities for you to work in safety critical areas in automotive and machine building industries, chemical and pharmaceutical industries as well as in aeronautics and space systems or bio-medicine and medical technology. You also can work in business critical areas such as banking and finance, insurance business, media and television and IT-Services.

Due to core competences in Software Engineering, System Modelling, Advanced Testing and Data Integrity which you gain during your studies, the Master of Science degree enables you to get interesting jobs as well as applying for a doctorate degree. You  will be able to develop software for High-Integrity systems, work with state of the art software and systems engineering methods, assess complex software system architectures, solve advanced IT-Security problems and much more things.

Beginning of study

You can start your studies in the Summer and in the Winter semester. The deadline for the Winter semester for  German degrees is September 15th and for foreign degrees it is May 15th. The eligibility for admission will be assessed. It is based on previous degree, professional experiences, and knowledge of the English language.

Please be aware that the number of available study opportunities is restricted.

Admission Requirements

Before applying to the HIS program you have to fulfill the following requirements:

  • A first University or College degree in Computer Science / Informatics of an accredited tertiary institution
  • Advanced English knowledge, since all lectures are given in English (Proof of English language proficiency is required)
  • A thorough interest in Computer Science and it would be perfect also in Engineering Science and Mathematics
  • Social and communicative skills , so that you can be successful as a team and in project work
  • Grades above average (at least equivalent to the German grade “gut”, i. e. 2 on a scale of 1 (excellent) to 5 (fail))

Note: Your degrees from outside of Germany will be evaluated against the German university education standards. There is a special agreement between the Henan Normal University and the Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences, so that your Bachelor will be accepted in Germany.

Comparison of the requirements to apply for a Master program (HNU vs. FRA-UAS)


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