The Dishes of Frankfurt

Frankfurt is not really famous for culinary cuisine and almost everything is a simple and hearty meal. But Frankfurt is a huge City and there are many different cuisines from around the world. From the American restaurants chains across the Asian convenience restaurant up to the French deli restaurant in Frankfurt exists everything.

Local food

“Handkäs mit Musik” is one of the famous Frankfurt foods and it is a marinated cheese with cumin, onions, salt and pepper. “Handkäs mit Musik” is a Hessian sour milk cheese with protected geographical indication. The dish is eaten only with the knife, you cut it in small pieces and pick it up with the pointed end.

“Grie Sos” is a Hessian dialect of “Grüne Soße”. It is a cold sauce of seven fresh herbs, Borage, chervil, cress, parsley, salad burnet, sorrel and chives. The chopped herbs are mixed with sour cream and it´s exists many of different variants for example with onion and garlic. “Grie Sos” served with fish, boiled eggs, potatoes or with the breast meat from oxen. If you want you can squeeze the potatoes or the eggs with the sauce and then eat the porridge.

“Frankfurter Kranz” is one of the famous cake from Germany. “Farnkfuter Kranz” is a batter cake in ring shape, filled with currant jelly and butter cream. Outside of the cake is a layer of buttercream and topped with caramel-covered brittle nuts. It is really sweet and massy.

German favorite food

“Döner” is a Turkish dish. “Döner” served as a flatbread filled with meat, vegetable and sauce (yogurt or garlic sauce). There are different variants of meat in the “Döner” normally veal or beef but there also exits with lamb or chicken. The vegetable are green salad, tomato, red cabbage and onions. If you want you can eat the “Döner” hot you can spice him up with chili.

“Currywurst” is a pork sausage cut in to slices seasoned with tomato sauce and curry powder. The sausage is available in different variations and degrees of sharpness.