The stay of our Chinese students in Frankfurt/Berlin

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1st Day – Welcome Meeting

bild1On thursday, 30th of April, we met us the first time in a room of our university. We were very excited to meet our chinese guests. At first our professors introduced themselves, after that we introduced ourselves and exchanged gifts to each other, which was very surprising but very nice.

We, the german students, did not know that some of our chinese guest have a english name, this was new to us. But this is very good, so we could easily call their names and had no struggling with the pronouncing.

Next point was to explain our projects. In the time while the chinese guests are in germany, we should create content for our chinese/german platform. We should create mixed groups, so chinese students and german students are working together. The first group had the topic to talk about the master “High Integrity Systems” at the University of Applied Sciences, the second group had the topic “Differences between the cultures” and we wanted to talk about the stay in frankfurt.

Then we talked and discussed about our topics in the groups, first it was hard to explain everything, but with trying and fun we have done everything, what we expected.

Later in the evening we looked up what we get as a present, the most of us did not know what this is it, because it looks so nice and it is made by hand. On the next day someone told us that the present is a very nice mouse pad. Thank you for that!

2nd Day – A day at the Main River

The second day in Germany we went on a tour of the main river with German students. That day is so cold because of the bad weather. We saw a lot of buildings on the both sides of river. The combination of traditional and modern make the Frankfurt is full of charm. The graffiti in Frankfurt is also left a deep impression on me. t’s interesting and we can see it in any place such as building and hole of bridge.
The air in Frankfurt is fresh and the sky is very blue. I love this place.


2nd Day – Bootstour and restaraunt “Eichkatzerl”

On Thursday we went to the “Eisener Steg” and took part in a boat tour. The boat tour lasted 110 minutes. On the boat tour we drive from Frankfurt am Main to Offenbach and the way back. And from Frankfurt to Frankfurt – Griesheim and the way back. During the boat tour the professors invited everyone one or two drinks. Some of the students made photos on the boat with the river in the background. After the boat tour we went to a German restaurant named “Eichkatzel”. At first all the students get some apple wine , what is traditional for Frankfurt. After that we ordered something to eat. All of the German students ate schnitzel and the Chinese students ate other things like fried eggs. A group of five Chinese students ordered a big mixed platter with different kind of meat such as spare ribs and sausages.


3rd and 4th Day – 1st May in Berlin

As the capital of Germany, Berlin is a city with a long history. It gave all of us a deep impression. When we got off the train. It’s a sunny day. We sat in a sightseeing bus to visit many buildings. Such as church, castle and classical political buildings. The most representative buildings is the Berlin Wall. The wall divided Germany into two parts. We stood before the wall to remind the history. Then we visited the Yad Vashem . Many momuments stand is the square. At last, we walked along the River Spree. The clear sky, cloud and grass make Berlin like a beautiful picture.


5th day – A rainy sunday in Frankfurt

After our Chinese guests returned from their trip to Berlin and had some time to rest we, the German students, spend an entire day with our friends from China.

bild9A few students of our group went to the hostel in the morning to pick up the Chinese students and walked to the “Goethe Turm” with them. Once they arrived they had some time to take pictures and enjoy the view.  After some time everyone was feeling hungry and we walked to Snack Point also known as Best Worscht in Town  and (almost) everybody ordered themselves a Currywurst,  some even had french fries.  Our impression was, that the Chinese guests enjoyed the food – they ate everything and I heard comments about the food calling it “yummy”.

On our way to the bowling center we stopped by at the Waffel House so those who wanted could get themselves a desert.

Once we arrived at the bowling center we first had to figure out which size shoe we and most importantly our guests needed (they use a different system for measurements in China). We split ourselves up into two groups of five and one group of 6 people and occupied three alleys and began playing. We had a lot of fun even if most of our scores were pathetic to say the least. We played two games in total.

bild8Feeling exhausted after playing bowling and walking the entire day already we decided to slowly end the day with a relaxing meal at a Chinese restaurant. We ended up going to Palms Garden and ordered quite a few different dishes for us all to share.

The last thing we did together that day was to go to a cozy bar in the red-light district of Frankfurt called Terminus Klause. Most Chinese students ordered themselves a beer – Some of them have gotten very used to the taste and seem to enjoy it.

It was a very pleasant day, even if it was a bit cold and rainy.

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